It's Alive!

Posted by james on June 21, 2005

Oh man, I cannot resist.

I finally got my bike on the road. Not just riding it around that small segment in front of my house (which, incidentally, is a good way to piss off my neighbors). But real road... neighborhood road, 2 lane street road. And I'm hooked... I had to remind myself to smile, it was so engrossing. And I thought, this is what God intended... man on two wheels. Why did we ever need 4?

And just in time too. I'm 2 days overdue on returning my loaner car, so it's about time I got my bike running. I'm going to give it one more day of riding around near my house before I drive it to work. But it's just natural. Right hand, right foot, brake slowly, tap left foot shift down, lean and stand. Then clutch, right hand throttle, foot on pegs and go! I love it. A life-long mission satisfied... to drive a motorcycle. And what better place than here on the island.

Special thanks to a person known only as "krusty kritter" on the newsgroup. Without his help, I'd still be doing nothing. And now I'ma ridin!