It's driving me to work!

Posted by james on June 24, 2005

Today was the first day of, what I'd like to call, Moto-commute. I go on the bike in full business getup (with boots instead of shoes), and drove to work. I took my time, this being my first daylight ride (shh, permit people don't need to know that) and the furthest so far. But again, it's natural. I love it, and I'm definately going to enjoy having my bike. Soon I'll have my car fixed, and I don't know which one I'll drive more... it's a tossup. I can't help but thank that random anonymous newsgroup helper. Just think, a week ago I had a bike that wouldn't start or run. Now I'm driving to work with it. And it's all due to some guy on the internet that decides to help people for no money or other gains. Just to feel good about himself. I sure hope he feels real good right now.

And I just found out I've got my second wave of visitors coming along. Woot. I don't know where I'm going to stick them all, but it does give me a concrete goal; get the Civic fixed by the end of August. I can't wait to get that thing open. I'm hooked! I'm already trying to find what I'm going to work on after the car.