Hawaii visit #2

Posted by james on Aug. 30, 2005

Oh yeah, they're here. I managed to go through work, drive home in a hurry with 3 leis tucked in my backpack (which needs replacing as it's not very business-like), and rush to the airport to wait for another 45 minutes. And then they're here!

<img src="../share/hawaii-hula.jpg" align="right">

We've gone to north shore, bellows beach (the best so far), gone to a fakee luau with a talkative singer (we don't pay you to talk, singer man!), gotten shave ice, hung out at diamond head lookout (and fed the cockroaches with authentic hawaiian food), almost saw a movie (but didn't see it), went shopping, almost got sprite slushes (but no get), fed a naked man cheeseburgers, and met a cousin and his florist wife.

<img src="../share/hawaii-bathroom.jpg">

They got to see giant turtles come up on the sand. I got to go to work and wait for meetings that never happened. They got Pineapple pancakes! Pineapple juice! I got to stay up late doing more work. We took a billion pictures, listened to a whole lot of In Sync and 98 Degrees.

<img src="../share/hawaii-tikis.jpg">

They got to meet my here-friends, and my here-friends got to meet my there-friends. We all had fun together.

I got my new helmet and jacket. I'm so much closer to looking like a robot when I ride my bike, it's great.

<img src="../share/hawaii-turtle.jpg">

My dad's leaving soon. I'm staying. I'll be here a while, I figure, unless something pulls me back. I don't know what that'll be yet.

Meanwhile, I'm still fighting the good fight (resist turning into a business-zombie). What are *you* doing?