Car part 2, and Miami

Posted by james on Dec. 7, 2005

<img src="../share/2005-12-06-civic1.jpg" align="right"> My car's been found, stripped to the core. There's really nothing left; no engine, transmission, doors, glovebox, seats, bumpers, fenders. It's just an empty shell. Hopefully insurance wont stiff me and I'll have my money back. It's not the money though, it's the fact that someone out there feels fine stealing from everyone around them and then using that stuff on their own car (or selling to make money). Despicable.

<img src="../share/2005-12-06-civic2.jpg" align="right"> Other than that things are going well. I'm back from Miami, took a one week trip there. It's too fancy; people drive incredibly expensive cars up and down the strip at South Beach, and the night life doesn't start till 11-12pm. Seems like a place where rich people like to go to be seen. Yuck. On the plus side, the area's got a lot of latin-american (cuban) influence, which means lots of spanish of all kinds, and lots of good food. Oh man. Where next? California for Christmas.